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Per conference call of the logo stewards on May 28, 2013, we'll use this page to collect input on the terms of use for the logo. Logo stewards, feel free to edit!

From the initial IIW session:

Use of the logo:
  • is generally permitted on a non-discriminatory basis, by individuals and organizations, but:
  • license to use logo is time-limited (e.g. one year) so we can update terms at least once a year should that be necessary
  • electronic use of the logo must be clickable to a page that lists the current terms for use of the logo
  • users of the logo should have to register
  • no modifications are permitted to the logo
  • logo must only be used for the purpose of declaring support for the principles of personal control over data, apps and terms.

[PJWindley] Since I'm from Idaho, I looked at the Idaho Potato Commission's licensing guidelines on using the "Idaho Potato" certification since it seems similar to what we're trying to do, create a mark for a product that meets certain guidelines.

The have very well thought out and thorough site. Check out, for example, the "types of agreements" depending on what kind of business you are.

I'm not suggesting we need something this complex or complete, but it's a useful view into what they've done.

Joseph Boyle: Let's consider service mark ℠ and certification mark which make more sense to me than trademark, whose prototypical use is for goods.

Stuart Maxwell:

Who would the logo licensees be? Individuals, small companies, large companies, startups, personal cloud provider, .... ???

We should consider making logo variations: graphic only, text only, graphic and text.

Could also be accompanied by approved slogans: "I love my Personal Cloud" (for an individual), "Official Personal Cloud Provider", "Personal Cloud Seal of Approval" etc.

Logo standards often include standards for space around the logo, what colors can be used, how big it should be, how big the type should be and in what font.

What standards (if any) are licensees expected to meet? For instance: data is exportable, provider adheres to a trust framework, terms of use have Provision X and Y, etc.