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At the Perosnal Cloud Meetup on August 22nd in SF we did an exercise to get people to articulate their visions of the future. Following that we asked them to articulate what they are building (or wanting to build) and what it connects to or needs to complement it.

Visions of the future 5 years out

Brooks Cove Hologenesis: In the future I created a holographic personal data layer for augmented search and browse that connects to everything.

In the future, I created a file system that stores discrete chunks of files across multiple providers to ensure privacy and one copy local to my private cloud server using bit torrent sync.

In the future I will have a smart home with its own network of connected devices that can be controlled from anywhere.

I helped build a secure no-user-knowledge needed auth system.

Personal data service & Archive shared securely w/ family and friends. Some of that software that replicates onelog interactions digitally .

In the future I will still not be using http://Gmail but I will be modern about it! (as opposed to just lazy).

I will help create the internet as a public utility. - TJB

I will be using a secure private email service.

Keeping my own log of most of my daily activities/own my own data.

A distributed network of devices that don't need central services.

I'm going to help build a way how to control what data to share with call centers.

I will be using my own mobile system. I'm going to help build services to replace the current ones provided by Google. -THAWAB

Using magic services connectivity box. - Sut Hu

A iudie-box at the end of every broadband line. Talking PZP to others.

I created a pPaaS: personal Paas data System: to share data between my Personal web services.

In the future I will build a pop-up private cloud system for one-off projects.

In the future I will have a personal assistant that will mediate all services on my behalf and act in my best interest.

In the future I will be using distributed and personal manufacturing. I will be using multimaterial 3D printers. I created meshcloud made of open source home & mobile devices.

My family is off the digital plantation. My democracy is restored.

I will be using THE WEB. I helped build a self-hosted alplatform to support decantralized businesses it connects to all the freelancers in the world in ad.hoc ways.

I will help create a peer production facility.

I will have helped codify nym protection into law.

I will help to create multiple ways of have regular individual to understand what the various ways their identity is distributed in multiple ways & contexts. So they make smart digital choices with ease!

I am building and it needs

"cldstr.com SW distribution platform + app store for existing personal cloud apps" we need a posse of like-minded individuals who put together all pieces of consumer-friendly Indie BOX (SW, HW, service, marketing, ...)

Ben is building idno.co, a way to represent yourself & share online on your terms in an easily extensible, accessible way.

We need: Social-aware cloud platforms, user-controlled servers like the Indiebox, cozycloud, & any back-end that gives the user control

I am building a personal/private Server/Silo where you store your personal data and you need to share them and it connects to identity management and distributed social networks

Erin is setting up a personal cloud to replace proprietary services that I currently use. My personal cloud will need options for file storage, photo storage, video storage, email, notes, bookmarks, etc.

Jaisen is building Storage Agnostic Media sharing / archiving platform. It needs/connects to storage systme with the benefits of online cloud storage and locally stored copies of files.

Brooks Cole is building a search & browse history visualizer used to augment realtime search and it connects to encrypted personal data repositories & ecosystem

I want to build a way for groups to be 1st class objects. It connects to individual's personal cloud.

Kaliya wants to build a way for groups to be 1st class objects. It connects to individual's personal cloud.

Julian S wants to help build the underlying protocols that tie our virtual ego together, free from the control of unknown others." And it connects to everything with storage or processing capability in a way that guaratees security and privacy.

Peter is building social media tools that use Open Pluto to give users more control over their own content And will add plugins for Open Pluto that provide asset use meta-data for my photos.

I'm building Personal finance tracking, geographic audio scrabbling, & geo-specific music sharing. Its connect to my own personal web service (which I am also building right now.)"

Alex is working on building restore the 4th Limit government surveillance & learnig how to live myself". I need:

  • Easy sign-up private collaboration software.
  • People that want to help pop the issues around privacy.

John Light is building Pawncoin, which allows people to pawn their crypto currency. Pawncoin connects to Bitcoin, Ripple, and/or Open transactions.

Dan is building devices which augment my house without changing its interfaces. They need to connect to other devices, social media services, and archives.

Mike Duty is building a user configurable wearable computer with software radio and mesh networking and it connects to other mobile and stationary devices in a mesh cloud for shared, redundant storage and communicating. "1. I'm helping Android users replace service made by Google. It has to be secure and better. 2. It has to be implemented by Android ROM developers."

I want to build a layer that would capture individual permission on the use of their data to enable a permission-based data ecosystem. And it connects to an identity system that is (contyst) aware and supports multiple personas.

Brian B wants to build personal, simple, Gmail replacement, mail servers / webmail systems that 1 in 10 people in the US can run "30 million Lavabits" And it connects to

  • other SMTP servers
  • an easy way to provision great DNS & DSL certs for personal domains."

I'm building a social sharing thing and it will connect to any open data app It needs an infrastructure that is confidently secure.

Personalized search Some way to exchange optimization data privately